The Trip

boys at water holeThere are many people in Uganda who do not have access to clean drinking water, despite the large amounts of rain that falls. UWP works with schools, organizations, and communities here in the US to fund rainwater collection tanks in Uganda. Each tank provides clean water for 400 people for 35 years!

This July, Lizza and her parents and a bunch of other folks from around the US (NY, TX, CO, etc) will be going to Uganda to help support the development workers working full time with the UWP.  We will be going to visit recently installed tanks to do some monitoring and evaluation work, help capture some stories and data about the impact of the tank on the people in the community, take photos to share with the folks back home who funded the tank, and give them some additional water filters, along with the training to use and maintain them.

We will be there for two weeks and while we know that we are only there for a moment that the heavy lifting work is done by those who do this work day in and day out, we also know that this is important support work for those folks and important to help the UWP function well and make an impact.  We can’t wait to go!


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