Photos from August 2011

Water Sources and Tanks  – In Uganda, especially in rural areas (of which there are a lot!) many people have to get their water from wherever it gathers, and below are some examples of what these water holes look like.  In there are diseases and sickness.  I wouldn’t want to drink that water!

Picture 015 105_4269

Or, if they do have access to a well, it’s a often a few miles away and takes much of the day walking to and forth.

105_4320 105_4259 boys at water hole

The UWP works with folks in the US to fund rainwater collection systems, which are a gutter-roof system to catch and funnel water into the tank.  Then they use a Sawyer PointOne Water filter and they have water cleaned than tap water in the US!

copy How UWP tanks work Picture 190

Now kids don’t have to spend the time walking to get the water and can go to school.  Plus, they can stay in school because they aren’t getting sick as often.  Definitely worth it!

105_4319 105_4321

Traveling to Uganda – Via Dubai – Mel and I left the US mid-August and we had a layover in Dubai on our way and got to go up the Buj Kalifa, which at the time was (is?) the tallest building in the world.  Yes, there is a Gold ATM at the top of the building.  Then we headed over to Uganda.

Picture 010 Picture 012 Picture 046 Picture 124Picture 109 Picture 110

Kampala – Here are a few of the things that we saw as we drove through Kampala on our way from the airport.

Picture 156 Picture 144  Picture 155 105_4049

Youth Conference – One of the things our team helped with was the youth conference that Pastor George Nsamba helps put on once a year.  There are great Ugandan speakers and a community service work day.  It was fun and different than the work days I have participated in back home!

105_3987  105_3986 105_3991  105_4006  105_4022 105_4034 105_3999

Working with the students at Mengo Secondary School – Mel and I got to hang out with some great students at the school and made some awesome music together as a part of my masters project.

Music students 100_1760  Practicing songs! Classroom Music room

Team 10 – The rest of the team arrived and left before we did and so this is our last day together with them!  (Hope I didn’t miss anyone!)

105_4056 105_4059 105_4060 105_4077 105_4087 105_4131 105_4147 105_3990 Picture 029 Picture 042 Picture 024

Kitgum – The next thing Mel and I did was drive up to Northern Uganda with the film guys to see Pastor David and my friend Flavia.  The roads were dirt half of the time and had lots of  car-sized potholes.  It is about 275 miles and took 8-9 hours.  Yikes!  We were very squished in the car but made it there and really enjoyed spending time with the people up there.

105_4148 105_4151 105_4167 105_4169 105_4291 105_4179 105_4175 105_4235 105_4231 105_4251 105_4257 105_4247 105_4302 105_4311

The Film Crew – Josh, Ben, and Collins were working on putting together a documentary about the water project.  Here is a link to what they did!

Picture 003 Picture 014 Picture 069 Picture 075

The end of our stay in Kitgum changed slightly because Josh got pretty sick.  We were so relieved when it was just a viral infection and not something worse!

Picture 002 Picture 005

Visiting the Street Kids Ministry (in the slums) – After we returned back from Kitgum, we spent an afternoon with the boys at Kivulu.

Picture 003 Picture 013

Picture 027 Picture 033

Picture 036 Picture 047 Picture 049 Picture 086

Jinja and Bujagali Falls  – We were able to go to Jinja for a day or two and visit shops for souvenirs and see Bujagali falls, which is no longer around due to a dam being built for power purposes.

Picture 034 Picture 038

Following the rules                                       Not following the rules

Picture 025 Picture 022

Faith’s Store in Jinja

Picture 047 Picture 049


There are tons and tons of more photos and if you want to see more, friend me on facebook!  I put more in the albums there.  🙂  It was a wonderful, incredible trip where we got to meet some amazing people and hopefully encourage them!

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