Elizabeth Irvine

NYC Thanksgiving photo

Elizabeth (Liz, Lizza) Irvine is extremely passionate about helping change people’s lives through the different areas in her life that she works.  Growing up in Rochester NY, she knows that she has been given tremendous opportunities with education, material possessions, and the chance to live in the Unites States.  Having earned a Bachelors in Music Education from Hope College and a Masters of Arts in Music Education at The Eastman School of Music, she is following her dreams of teaching music.  She also works full time at McDonogh School in BaltimoreMaryland teaching Middle School Band.  She finds working with students and investing in future generations extremely satisfying.

Elizabeth is passionate about connecting cultures together and allowing room for positive change to take place for both communities.  Over the past 19 years, she has been given opportunities to travel around the world and she is convinced that those living in the US have been given so much and wants to share that through building relationships and caring for others.  She also loves to meet people, hear their stories, and share them with others.  Her relationship with Jesus Christ is the motivation and inspiration to pursue this type of work.  She believes that each person is unique and valuable and deserves a chance to live life, meet God, and follow his/her dreams.

Elizabeth is excited to go back to Uganda to do this work, to hear the stories of how the water tanks have impacted lives in Uganda and to support the work of the full time UWP staffers.  Her goals are to encourage, empower, and help bring sustainable change wherever she works and this summer is a great opportunity to do so in Uganda!


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