The Living Landscape

This is Michelle, officially checking in for the first time with a writing credit. (Although, be assured, I've been consulted on the content of the previous posts!) For all y'all out there following our little adventure, I thought I'd toss in some details to color the scene. So, check this out... There are a number … Continue reading The Living Landscape

Driving in Uganda

        As we are reflecting on our time here in Uganda, Michelle and I are finding ourselves intensively involved and invested in our project and relationships while also experiencing some crazy adventures of being in a new country.  These things are usually mingled together as we go throughout the day and our … Continue reading Driving in Uganda


A-ba-ki-sim-ba (pa-ta-pa-ta), Be-ba-ki-wo-mya (pa-ta pa-ta.)   This is pronounced /bay bah kee seem bah/ /pah tah pah tah/ /bay bah chee whoa mee’ya/ /pah tah pah tah/.  We have started our music and dance lessons and this is the first piece we are learning.  It is called the Baakisimba, pronounced /BAHksimba/.  This is from the … Continue reading Baakisimba

We arrived!

Michelle and I arrived in Uganda on July 4th!  We decided to celebrate being American by *using* our passports.  🙂 We had a slight delay in our travel plans with an extended stay in Dubai due to a missed connection and had fun seeing the sights as we waited.  There was a tour from our … Continue reading We arrived!