A Postcard: Our Next Big Transition

Here we are – at a major transition point.

We’ve spent two weeks in and around Kampala – learning how to use the taxis, getting comfortable with the food, making friends, figuring out technology, succeeding in taking pretty good care of ourselves, and learning lots about drumming and dancing!

Today we traveled from Kampala, the capital city of Uganda, to Bukwiri, which is considered a remote village.

This place is very different from the big city. Here are a few of the new things we’ll be getting used to this week:

~No running water. The latrines are private holes in the ground. And bathing consists of a jerry can of warm water and a basin. (The folks who are hosting us have graciously offered us flip flops as “shower shoes” and, because I sillily forgot my towel, have also given me at towel to use for the week.)
~Late meals. We arrived around 3pm and had afternoon tea around 6:30pm. Then supper was served at 9:45pm. One of the things we learned almost immediately after arriving in Uganda is that we cannot eat like Ugandans! The food itself is perfectly fine – often quite tasty, in fact – we just can’t eat nearly as much of it as the locals!
~The attention we receive. Sure, in the city, people look at us a little long, and the kids yell “Muzungu!” and wave. But, here, a performance troupe assembled and did a big presentation for us with music and dancing and people speaking (which was super awesome)! And then a bunch of the older kids just came into our room and sat down, just cause they wanted to be near us. We had a nice time this evening chatting with a bunch of them! (One of them even gave me a lesson in the Luganda language!)

And, of course, this is where the work begins. All the adjusting, the learning of regional culture and music, the conversations about the importance of music and music education, have all been preparing us for this week in Bukwiri.

Tomorrow is a prep day – Lizza will come up with an outline of a lesson plan and we’ll go over the rhythms and dance choreography. And Monday is our first day with primary school students.

Here we go…!



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