We arrived!

Michelle and I arrived in Uganda on July 4th!  We decided to celebrate being American by *using* our passports.  🙂

We had a slight delay in our travel plans with an extended stay in Dubai due to a missed connection and had fun seeing the sights as we waited.  There was a tour from our hotel that took us to a museum, a tropical man-made hotel island, the beach of the Arabian Gulf, and Gold and Spice Markets.  Very different, very fun, very very hot.  Neither of us have experienced anything like that type of heat anywhere else, ever.  It was oppressive and surprising and seriously crazy hot with 150% humidity!  We were glad to be there but also glad to head to a more temperate climate in Uganda.

We were greeted in Kampala by Pastor George, who is our in-country host, and are adjusting to the time difference.  We get to stay at Wingate Guesthouse, which is so beautiful and a wonderful place to stay that we can call home while we are here.  It wasn’t built yet when I was here before and so I’m excited to stay here!  We also have a friend, Brekly, who is living here working in Uganda and are spending a day with her.  It’s wonderful!

We start our classes on Monday, learning a bunch of traditional music and dances to use in our music workshop exchange in a few days.  We are nervous and excited all in one.  We’ll let you know how it goes when the time comes!

Liz and Michelle in Duabi at the beach!       Michelle with Brekly before going to a July 4th party!

The 5-star hotel in the background is

it’s own island!

IMG_0035[1]       115_1999


2 thoughts on “We arrived!

  1. YEAH! I’m so glad you got to see more than expected as a result of a missed connection! Hopefully it helped you acclimate after the first leg of travel. Fabulous photos! Was the water WARM in all that heat? Am praying that all goes smoothly as you re-enter! LOL Daryl

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