Team 19

On Saturday June 14, all of UWP’s Team 19 gathered in Bloomfield at the UWP headquarters for a meeting.  It was awesome!  Team 19 will be going to Uganda for the first two weeks in August, and Michelle and I are the advance team going a month in advance.  🙂

Team 19 meeting 2

Photo by Annette Spearman

At our meeting, we got to meet each other and hear about why each person is going on this trip.  That was pretty cool!  This team will have 16 people and we will split into two groups to double our work while in Uganda.  Here are some reasons why people are going:

– to support clean water initiatives in Uganda

– because their school funded a tank and they want to meet the folks who received it (3 or 4 people, myself included, fit into this group)

– to use and learn about talents they have that don’t get used in their day to day job but can be used in service work

– to learn about Uganda, it’s people, the stories, and bring it back to the folks back home (including students!)

There are tons of teachers going on this trip as well.  This is very exciting for me because I’m hoping to pick their brains on how to share this all with my students back home!  There are also a ton of students on this trip.  I love going to Uganda with students because they have such a fresh perspective on everything!  The last time I went to Uganda, it was with Mel Muscarella, and she is going on this trip.  Phew!  I can’t wait to go back with her!

This is a great team, full of interesting, caring people who are willing and able to give up two weeks of their lives to go and partner with the work of bringing clean water to people in Uganda.

During our team meeting, we also go to work on a crazy spaghetti tower project.  Here is the evidence of our labors!  My group came in third place due to some last minute structural failures.  We measured in at minus eight inches because it tipped down below the edge of the table!  Alas!

Team 19 meeting 4


Photo by Annette Spearman

And even though it didn’t count anymore, we rallied and fixed the tower for what would have been a record breaker.  Oh well!  It was fun!


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