In just two weeks…

In just two weeks… Michelle and I will be in the air somewhere over Africa after our long flight to Dubai and on our flight to Entebbe!!!

Here is a photo of us after we ran in the UWP 5k back in 2012.

Liz and Michelle UWP 5k 2012

There was quite a whirlwind as the UWP was purchasing our plane tickets because, as some of you have experienced, airlines like to jack up the prices on certain days, be inconsistent between carriers as to what is offered, and sometimes be just plain difficult.  Megan Busch, the trip coordinator with the UWP, has been slaving over the plane tickets for weeks!  We are so excited and grateful that our tickets have been purchased due to her perseverance.

Now we are at the point where we are finalizing the specifics of our itinerary and we are getting really excited about going.  The other night I was talking to a friend and explaining how our travels would work and it hit me.  It sank in.  My school year is over, I have switched over my brain to planning for this trip and it is happening!  I called Michelle and freaked out over the phone with her.  We will be leaving Rochester on July 2, really early in the morning (!!!) and going to Uganda….for six weeks!!!!

Here is our list of things to do that we have been checking off:

– fundraising – We are almost there!  Check out our stats here.  We need just about $500 more to reach our goals!

– plane tickets – done

– visas – in process (thanks UWP!)

– vaccinations – done

– malaria meds – to do

– spray clothes with permethrin as a bug deterrent – to do

– packing clothes – to do

– packing supplies (Cliff bars, Gatorade, power converters, etc.) – to do

– packing donations – to do (If you want to donate supplies we would love to bring them along!  Click here for more info.)

– Get on the plane!


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