Airplane ticket time!

It’s that time!  We are almost to May 1st, which is two months (roughly, we don’t have our exact leave date yet) before we head out to Uganda!  That means, it is time to buy the plane tickets.

Here’s how the traveling goes.  We may take a different route, but my previous experiences were like this.

First – get to the Rochester airport.  That was easy before, I lived 5 minutes away.  Now I am 6 hours away, so I’ll have to plan a bit more carefully.  🙂

Second – fly to NYC.  JetBlue.  All good.  Easy peasy flight.  45 minutes.

Third – wait in the NYC airport because the flight we want leaves around 11pm.

Fourth – fly to Dubai, United Arab Emerites for a layover.  12-13 hour flight.  No joke.  This one’s the long haul.  But, these are not the domestic-I’m-only-going-to-be-on-you-for-a-couple-of-hours planes.  These are considerably nicer with more interesting food, entertainment, and space to walk around.

Fifth – Fly through Addis Ababa, Ethipoia (with a stay-on-the-plane layover) and then on to Entebbe, Uganda.  This is about an 8 hour flight.

After all of that, arriving in Uganda is so sweet!  Here’s the view:

ariel Entebbe


Michelle and I both have raised about $2,200 each so far.  Check it out here for Michelle and here for Liz.  We’re about 33% of the way there!  We’ve got 6 weeks left to get to $6,000 each.  Can you help?  😀



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