We’re home!

Hi friends!  We made it home!  On Wednesday of this week we had the opportunity to go to Kkivulu (chi-voo-loo) and hang out with the Street Kids Ministry who works with boys in the slums.  Tim and Joanna Page’s Dojo (I’ll get the title and website link and post it) and students worked really hard to love on these kids.  They collected a whole slough of silly bands and sent some photos of them doing karate.  (Silly bands are great because they are easy to transport, easy to bring enough for all the kids, and great gifts because the kids don’t have to store them anywhere or worry much about them being stolen.)  We got to hand those out and share the photos.  We even met a kid who had some taekwondo training!  I got some photos and videos of that.  We also played some basketball, soccer, drums, and just played with the boys.  We weren’t able to stay for the program time that the uncles (adult leaders) do every Mon, Wed, and Fri afternoon because of our flight schedule, but it was so great to be able to go and love on them.  We also bought some souvenirs from them.  Yay!

We flew out from Entebbe and had a stay-on-the-plane layover in Addis (Ethipoia) and then continued on to Dubai.  That leg of the trip took about 8 hours or so.  We took off late and had way too many kids sitting around us (about 6-7 all under the age of 5.)  They loved to cry (I understand but don’t enjoy) and scream, even when they aren’t upset (I don’t really understand.)  Our layover in Dubai was long enough to get to the next flight and then we were off to come back across the Atlantic for 12-13 hours.  We didn’t have as many kids around us, but still had some.  This time, instead of screaming (though there was some of that) they just liked to talk.  Especially the one sitting near me  (Liz) when I was trying to sleep.  I tried really hard to stay awake until EST bedtime and then sleep through the EST nighttime.  Yeah, with the kiddie-poss around us, that wasn’t an option.  It was frustrating, though I also imagine frustrating for the parents of those children as well.

There were 3 other groups who made this return trip to Rochester before us in the last week or so and they all missed the connecting flight at JFK for Rochester.  We knew this was an option, so we booked it off the plane, ran to immigration, waited really impatiently as the bags came in, ran to customs, booked it to JetBlue, were frustrated by slow counter people but made it through, ran to security and finally made it onto the plane with about 5 minutes to spare.  Phew!

But now we are home, safe and sound with all our pieces, and will commence readjusting to the time zone, the culture, enjoy the food (look for a food post soon – yeesh!), and seeing everyone again.  I will post pictures soon!

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