Quick Update

This evening we arrived in Kitgum and it was quite the trip!  There are many stories to tell from the last few days, and I hope to get to some tonight.  I did want to post quickly now though as we are here for a couple days.

The youth conference was great, the rest of the team left on Friday, the film crew and Mel and I are staying at Pastor George’s house when in Kampala, but this weekend we are up North in Kitgum meeting some friends and seeing the North.  We had a loooooong buuuuuuuumpy ride up here but are here in one piece.

One of the downsides of a busy trip like this is that people tend to get sick, the basic, average, I’ve-been-going-too-long-and-am-in-a-new-place-not-home type of cold.  There is some of that floating around and we would love your prayers so it would go away.  🙂

Alright, we’re off to dinner!

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