Bujagali Falls

Being a part of this team is really wonderful.  Mel and I showed up late and yet never once have we felt left out or not a part of the team.  That’s amazing!  These people have been together for about a week and having a deep experience that bonds them together, I could see how it would be hard to accept new people.  However, they are warm, welcoming, fun, hilarious, engaging, and now my friends.  I am so glad I get to spend this time with them.

As we said before, we had our “holiday/tourist” portion” of the trip right at the beginning.  We bought some souvenirs and a few gifts for family and friends in Jinja and Monday was a great day.

On Monday, we ALSO got to see Bujagali Falls, the class 5 and class 6 rapids of one portion of the Nile River.  In Feb we got to see some people go white water rafting but it costs about $100 a person and it takes an entire day.  They start a ways up river from Bujagali and go over class 2 rapids and work their way up to the class 5.  Recently, they have started building a dam which will cut down the water going over Bujagali significantly, and so the rafters have to start farther down river and don’t go over Bujagali anymore.  While we were there, James (the UWP director) approached one of the raft guides and asked how much it would cost to start just above Bujagali and then get out of the water just after the rapids.  They negotiated a price ($10/person!) and 8 of us got to go.  Mel and I went and it was amazing!  We had a little tutorial about white water rafting, and then followed the guide through a hole in the barbed wire fence (not a easy feat with the life vest and helmet on!) and put the raft in.  We didn’t tip, thankfully, but managed to get soaked so when we were in the calm water and the guide asked if we wanted to jump in the Nile, we all did!  the water was really warm and it was well worth it.

James took a bunch of photos of us rafting and so I hope to get some from him and then post them when I get back to the States.

One thought on “Bujagali Falls

  1. I can’t wait to see your rafting photos! Sounds fabulous!
    SO glad to hear about your assimilation into the team; God is so good! I’m praying that He will use your relationships/unity as a witness and encouragement to all you meet! (also that you all stay safe and healthy; NO stomach issues!) May you gain strength and stamina to sustain you through the days ahead.

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