Kasiribiti and Jinja, gotta love it

We had an early morning today getting all the schedules matched up for our church services.  Mel and I were to head over to Kasiribiti to visit Pastor Peter and his church while the team stayed at Kawanda at Pastor George’s church.  I was able to connect with the music teacher I will be working with for my grad project and then we left for church.  Mel and I had a wonderful driver, Francis who drove the team in Feb, took us there.  We got a little lost on the way and arrived after church started, but were able to see Pastor Peter, his daughter Faith, and Teacher Richard.  We brought greetings from all of the Finney family, Pastor Samme, the Finney students who went in Feb and our families and home church, Artisan.  It was very special to be there.

The drive home didn’t take quite as long, thankfully, and once we returned we headed off to Jinja.  On the way over, we stopped at a tank that Jesse Sprinkle’s community helped fund.  It was great.  Then we headed over to the Nester’s in Jinja and are having a relaxing time.  The UWP has a philosophy of resting once a week and today is that day.  How great is it to have arrived yesterday.  We are getting over jet lag; the mornings are the hardest.

Overall it is wonderful to be back.  It doesn’t feel weird, it isn’t even overwhelmingly exciting, it is just good, safe, normal feeling.  The gut feeling is so natural, “of course I’m here again” type of sense.  Seeing our friends in Kasiribiti was so lovely.  We didn’t have a lot of time to sit and talk with them, but we worshiped with them and Ugandan worship and music is so different than your typical American church worship and music.  The dancing, the singing, the drumming.  Someday I’ll try to put it into more words, but it was awesome.  Truly awesome.

Here’s a note from Mel!

Liz made me promise to write one paragraph on this blog today. So this is it. 🙂 I’ve not fully begun to process what I’ve seen even from just this one full day. I’ve seen plenty of pictures of Uganda but none of them did the countryside I see any justice. Very green and lush with deep red soil perfect for making bricks with. We went to the bush today where there are mud huts and crude brick structures yet the children we pass are always smiling and waving, seeming to want for nothing. It’s a lot to take in, but my first impression is that this place is awesome in the intended meaning of the word. It’s bigger than I know what to do with. But I’m very much enjoying myself! That’s my paragraph.

(PS – couldn’t get the pics uploaded today…hopefully tomorrow!)

2 thoughts on “Kasiribiti and Jinja, gotta love it

  1. I love it when you get that familiar “this is normal; I belong here” feeling about a mission ministry. Now the reality of the place/people/life can reveal itself. I’ll be praying for your assimilation of this deeper experience Liz, and that God will help you process all the wonderful new awarenesses too Mel!

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