sitting here in uganda

We are sitting here…guess where?  IN UGANDA!!!  That’s right.  Uganda.  🙂

And so our great adventure has begun.  We began by flying from Rochester to NYC and spending time with Liz’s sister in NYC to fill the time (the 8-10 hour time.)  It was so much more relaxing than having to sit at the airport – thank you Lori Jean!  Late in the evening we left JFK for Dubai and enjoyed the Emmerites airplane for a cozy 12-13 hour flight.  Yeesh.  But we got through it with a couple naps, a couple meals, a couple movies, and couple tv shows.  Thank you Emmerites for being awesome.

We arrived in Dubai and headed for the mall, which contains the entrance to the Burj Khalifa – the tallest building in the world.  We had some time to kill and strolled around the largest, most gigantic mall I (Liz) have ever been to.  It was incredible.  Plus, all of the stores are very high end and fancy.  We even saw an ice skating rink AND aquarium (I’ll try to upload a  photo.)

We went up the tower to the observation deck on the 124th floor, which is about halfway up.  We got to see the fountain show from above, and later we saw it from ground level.  How incredible!  Dubai is kind of like Las Vegas, without all the gambling of course.  (That’s Mel’s description.  🙂

We stayed at the Millineum Airport Hotel – also very fancy.  We got a couple of photos of the decorations.  See a theme?

Finally, after a fitful night of sleep, we got on a plane and took off for Africa.  With a short layover in Addis Adubaba (Ethipopia) we headed to Etebbe Uganda!  We arrived without a hitch, made our way through customs and immigration and met up with our UWP friends to drive up to Kampala.  Here is a photo from the drive to Kampala.

We arrived at our hotel, met up with team, got the room reservations straightened out (thankfully!) and enjoyed a lovely meal.  Now it’s time for bed so we can get ready for tomorrow, our first full day with church, and travels over to Jinja.

We’ll keep you posted!

4 thoughts on “sitting here in uganda

  1. Thanks for the updates Eliza!! So glad you made it safely. I can see you heading to bed with your mosquito nets – right? What I want to know is if you got a shower in those wonderful facilities in Air Emirates? Tee hee…

    You go girl!

  2. Hey Liz, Another big adventure. I am glad you made it there safely. I am praying for you. I know that you will be a blessing there and that you will be blessed. Be open to God appointments that might not be on your schedule. He will use you in ways that you are not expecting. Lookin forward to reading more.


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