On our way!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Liz and Mel have left the building!  The airport, that is.  That’s right, we are well on our way, sitting in Liz’s sister’s apartment in NYC during our layover, enjoying a nice ham sandwich and some air conditioning.

We are flying over on the Emmerites Airline.  Check out this video about the type of plane we will be on:


Mel will be making her blog debute right now.

So Liz really wants me to blog. I personally think blog is a funny word the more you say it. Also, ham is  funny too.

Anyway, Liz and I are just getting started though it doesn’t feel like it yet as NYC is just like home only bigger. I’m anxious to get started on the trip.  I’m excited to meet many of the people I’ve been hearing about and to see Africa.

I don’t typically gravitate toward “missions” trips but I was so taken by what the UWP is involving itself with that I was intrigued to go beyond sending someone else to go.

Liz and I will be adding more to the page as we go and get pictures and stories. There will be plenty of both!

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