Almost there!

If you have ever worked with The Ugandan Water Project, you probably have met Michelle.  She is the Trip Coordinator and she is amazing!  Well last night, in the wee hours of the night, she sent out four emails to those of us on Team #10 (and 10.5!) with important information that we need to know. (If you ever see her, make sure you go up and say hi.  She is does so many things for the UWP and she does a great job with all the details!  I got to go to Uganda with her in February and she has such a huge heart for the project, the Ugandan people, and loves what she does!)

First, she sent us two emails with information about donations, including the list that I posted of donations that we can bring.

She sent out an email with Lugandan phrases so I can learn how to say hello, goodbye, etc while I am over there.  Lugandan is the local language that we will be around the most, though there are more than 40 languages in the country.  Next time you see me, and I say “Oli otya” you can respond “Bulungi” and we will have just exchanged a greeting, “How are you?” and “Good.”

Lastly, she sent out an email to each of us individually with our total support numbers and guess what?!?  Mel and I are at six thousand, four hundred, seventy eight dollars, $6,478!  (I just wanted to spell it out. 🙂  How incredible!  We need just over $500 to reach our goal, click here to help us out!  Once we reach the $7,000, we will have enough funds to make sure we can eat each day that we are there.  It would be rather unfortunate to get there and back, but not eat the last three days.  I’m just kidding, but really that’s where some of the funds are going.  We bought the plane tickets, we have our hotel reservations, and another piece of funding is for food.  (Which, by the way, check out this video to see what’s in a typical lunch.)

Anyway, these were great emails to get this morning.  I am so excited at how close we are to being ready to go!  Mel and I are doing our “packing shopping” next week, and not long after that we will be in the air on our way!  As I am learning in Lugandan, Tugende!  (That means, “let’s go!”)

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