June 29, 2011

We have had our big fund raising events!  They were really fun and thanks to everyone who came out for them.  Mel and Mike are really (really) talented musicians and it was so fun to have a night with some amazing bakery treats (thanks Heidi, Mel, Anna, and Bethany) and amazing music.  We raised over $500 at that event; what a generous group of people!

This past weekend the Fund Raising Hootenany was held at Artisan Church and was a great success!  Thanks to Ben Proctor, Ryan Webster, and Violet Mary for playing; thanks to Pirate Shrimp Catering for the delicious food; and thanks to Three Heads for your tasting!  Also, thanks to James for bringing the Uganda jewelery table, now I want to buy it all.  🙂  So many friends came, it was a really fun evening and we raised just about $800!  (Thanks Kristyn Hodge for the photos!)

Now, with all of this fund raising that we have been doing, you might be wondering how we are doing in reaching our goal.  Guess what?!?  We have enough to buy the plane tickets!  Yes!  Our goal is $7,000 ($3,500 each) and we have over $4,500 to date!  (That’s a lot of exclamation points!!!)  Anyway, we are super excited and I keep telling myself (and Mel, and all my friends) “This is really happening!  I’m really going!”  And so, we will continue on our fund raising adventures because we can’t wait to get over there.  Seriously.  Can’t wait.  🙂

Fund raising can bring up its own challenges.  For me, it brings up feelings of fear, nervousness, and timidity (is that a word?)  Talking to people about money doesn’t always come naturally and then to ask them to give it…to me!…definitely not inside my normal comfort zone.  But the thing I have to remember is that while “money” does enter the conversation, that’s not the part of it that moves me, gets me excited, or is even the point!  I’m willing to step outside my comfort zone because I care about my friends in Uganda, doing something of value, and working in community.  I want to bring people along with me on this trip and for some people, the best way to do that is through financial support.  I’m learning, (though I don’t always understand 😉 that not everyone wants to fly to Africa, but many do want to support the work going on there.  That means, that the money isn’t actually just given to me, but it’s given so that together, we can do something greater in Uganda.  I get to go along and be the hands and feet for the cause.  What a humbling privilege!

So if you find money conversations to be intimidating or awkward, remember, the money is the means and the end is the purpose.  We get to help people get clean drinking water, to literally save people’s lives, to get kids in school, to help start small businesses, to bring health care and health care education, to give schools better resources, to tell people about the love of God and so much more!  That, I can get on board with.

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