Exciting fund raising!

June 12, 2011

We have some events coming up to help us get the word out about what we are doing!  Check the “events” page for details.  This coming Friday, June 17, Mike and Mel will be playing some music out at St. John’s Lutheran Church in Pumpkin Hook.  We’re also hosting a bake sale (with donations from renown bakers such as Anna Vos, Bethany Beams, Heidi Cressman, and Mel Muscarella herself!) so if you are planning on buying anything baked this week, wait until Friday and stop by!

Also, I have some exciting news to share about the fund raising.  I have received a grant for my graduate school work, and combined with some money I had saved up, $1,500 of my trip is paid for already.  Yay!  I’m really excited!  Mel has been playing gigs and donating her earnings to our trip fund raising and a bunch of people have given us bottles and cans.  Together with that and some other money that has come in, we already have raised $2,140.  What a relief to see how God is providing.  Our goal is $7,000 so we still have a ways go to, but slowly but surely God is providing the funding.  If you want to help out, you can give online or send something in the mail.  Check out the “give” page for more info.

That’s the news from this week!  We hope to see you Friday night!

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