Counting the days ’til we leave…

Three weeks from today, we will be flying out of the Rochester airport, bound for places big and grand!  Yes, I am referring to Uganda.  We will have a layover in Dubai and will get to go up the Burj Khalifa Tower, which at the moment is the tallest building in the world.  How cool?

Once we fly into Entebbe, we will meet some friend at the airport and then head up to Kampala.  We will have the weekend to adjust to the time zone and then I believe we will be heading to Jinja to visit some tanks.  Later on that week we will come back to Kampala and help out with the youth conference for a few days and then say goodbye to the team.  At some point we will be heading up to Gulu to visit the church, tank, and friends like Flavia.  She is in the picture with her Mom, her sisters, and me in front of her temporary IDP house.  I hope and we will also hold a two day music workshop that is for my graduate school work.  In all of that activity, we will visit more tanks, meet more people who’s lives have been changed by the water tanks (including Artisan’s most recent tank!) and give some dental clinics.

I must admit, I am finding it difficult to focus on the tasks I need to accomplish right now because I am so excited about going, but one day at a time I will get things done.

Three weeks…three weeks…three weeks…!!!

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